Nicholas Aumais: the challenges of adaptation

Nicholas Aumais: les défis de l’adaptation

To adapt a movie album or novel youth is not an easy task. All the more when one must do so from a scenario unfinished. Yet this is what has made Nicholas Aumais with The race of the toque.

The author will also make their tour of the municipal library of Roxton on the 7th march (the day before the release of the film on DVD) to speak of the challenges he had to face in this adventure. “The biggest was to adjust myself as I was getting of new elements of the scenario “, he is mentioned briefly in interview with The Voice of the East. “The children will also be able to discover certain things on film that we access only when we are working behind the scenes… “

If the publishing house, Editorial, wished to make it appear the books two weeks before the release of the film on the big screen — a first in Québec, this is a lot to take advantage of the visibility that would give her the Salon du livre de Montréal, let him know Mr. Aumais.

To write his album intended for children aged 3 to 5 years of age, he admits to having watched the film — in whole or in part — at least 70 times. “I knew him by heart ! “

This is what it took, he said, to summarize its approximately 100 minutes in less than fifty pages, and this using very few words.

Nicholas Aumais: les défis de l’adaptation

Novel adapted

As for the novel, which is more relevant for children aged 6 to 10 years old, it was a different story, since the order was not to be faithful to the 100% scenario, but to make an adaptation. “We wanted the young find their heroes, but also give them a little more, a little twist special to deliver a true adventure novel with a touch of humour to keep the tone of the Hats,” said the author, noting in passing that the introduction of the book is quite different from that of the film.

Nicholas Aumais was not his first experience of literary adaptation. He had previously signed the album of the war of The tuques 3D and the first movie in 3D animation made entirely in Quebec, The legend of sarila in order (2013). It also acts as an advisor in children’s literature and publishing to Bayard and Milan.

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