May 31, 2023

Nicolas Column: Atlético’s debt exceeds 1.5 billion reais

The figures were provided by the directors’ sports leadership (Photo: Jorge Nicola/Superesportes)

There is nothing scarier than realizing that Atlético were in debt of R$1.571 billion at the end of last year. The column learned from a source that Gallo spent nearly R$192 million on debt interest alone during the 2022 season.

The sports leadership presented this figure to the directors of all departments at a meeting this week. Important: R$192 million divided by 12 months for 2022 equals a monthly cost of R$16 million.

That is, Gallo only spent the interest on his debt something close to the payroll, including the athletes and the technical committee of the entire professional soccer team – the cost last year with the division was R$20m / month.

4Rs calculated much smaller numbers for the cost of debt. The estimate was an expense of about R$8 million per month plus interest.

Paying off debts has been Atlético’s major drama of late. Since 2019, the club has disbursed R$200 million through FIFA operations, R$100 million with businessmen, R$80 million with suppliers and R$60 million for labor debts.