February 6, 2023

Nicolas insists Landem “ordered” the de-employment and Marcos Praz abandons the reinforcements


The council analyzes the football market, with the aim of strengthening the team in light of the important competitions it enjoys at the beginning of the season

Nikola confirms that Landem
🇧🇷 Photo: playback / YouTubeNicola asserts that Landem “ordered” the hiring to be cancelled

a Flamingo He has already started the next season contesting three important competitions, namely: Brazilian Super Cup🇧🇷 South American recopa And the most important one clubs World Cup🇧🇷 Committee red-black She realizes she has a strong squad, but sees the need to look for specific reinforcements in the market to be able to Team as strong as possible for competitions in early 2023.

One of the team’s targets for the next season is the striker. Arthurto which it belongs Red Bull Bragantino, with which he has bonds until December 2024. The leadership of the Rio de Janeiro team conducted surveys seeking to hire the athlete. It is noteworthy that the file Red Bull Bragantino You intend to negotiate it, but what can make it difficult is the amount the club is asking for.

According to the journalist’s information Jorge NicolaHey Flamingo I blinked in the face of inflexibility in the face of the amount I asked for Sao Paulo team🇧🇷 “I have contacted someone who works with the striker, to see if there is a possibility of him moving from Red Bull Bragantino to a Brazilian club and there are no negotiations. Negotiations between Flamengo and Corinthians are exhausted. Red Bull Bragantino insist on 10 million euros, figures that are considered too high for Corinthians’ priorities. and flamingo🇧🇷 open🇧🇷

Nicola He indicated that the player had received inquiries from other teams, including a loan deal that was rejected by the federation. Bragança Team. “The trend is for Arthur to be traded, but to an outside team. Bologna recently approached Red Bull Bragantino and suggested a loan, a deal that was cancelled.”🇧🇷 pointing to🇧🇷