Nicolas Nadeau sacrifices himself for Inouk

Nicolas Nadeau se sacrifie pour les Inouk

Nicolas Nadeau finds himself in a situation unusual to say the least in his last season in junior hockey. Despite solid performance when he jumps on the ice, the defender of Inouk is often forced, by reason of its status as an ” affiliated player “, follow the action from the grandstands.

“It is, of course, I am a competitor. This is not the situation you want to know to 20 years. But at the same time, you always want the good of the team. So I have to accept the choice of leaders “, commented the athlete from Shefford.

The Inouk have made the bet to keep seven players from 20 years in the entourage of the team this season. But since only six veterans can play in a game and be one of the regular alignment, one of them must bear the label of affiliated player.

After Hubert Cyrenne-Blanchard last fall, it was the turn of Nadeau since mid-January. Since he has already played two games as an affiliated player, the defender left-handed can only be used eight other times before the end of the campaign, playoffs included.

“To go to the end, everyone must accept his role… “, pointed out the main party.

Head coach Patrice Bosch believes that this strategy provides his club “a great depth” and that it does not disturb in addition to measurement. “This is not even a subject in the entourage of the team. We don’t talk about between us, ” he assured.

Bosch also argues that many of the trainings of the junior hockey League AAA du Québec are in a similar situation.

A valuable asset

Nicolas Nadeau has amassed 20 points (including two goals) in 32 games since the start of the season. Despite the arrival of the defenders Jeremiah Major, and Jesse Belzil shortly before the trade deadline, the number 88 is still a valuable asset to the Inouk.

Patrice Bosch will rely on his services when he feels he needs.

In the meantime, Nadeau continues to participate in all training sessions, in addition to attending the majority of home games. We could see that at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin on Saturday afternoon, while the Panthers of St-Jerome will be the visitors.

“I want to stay with the guys. As a player of 20 years, I still have a leading role in the team. I want to show an example for the young. “

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