May 31, 2023

Niterói is publishing a call for bids for public health this Tuesday

This will be the fifth call for bids by the Municipal Health Foundation, with more than 88 candidates invited

On Tuesday (04), the Municipality of Niteroi, through the Municipal Health Department, will be executing the 5th Public Tender Call for the Municipal Health Foundation (FMS), with an invitation to over 88 approved candidates. To date, 737 professionals have been called to work in health network units, 602 of whom have assumed their position.

The municipal health secretary, Annamaria Schneider, talks about the investments that have been made to regulate working relations and restructure the network.

“The municipality has conducted competitions for the Municipal Health Corporation and the State Health Corporation and we are working on organizing labor relations for professionals. This is a basic procedure that is part of the network restructuring and service rehabilitation project, ”says the secretary.

Among the specialties of this new call are ophthalmologist, hematologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, allergist, vascular surgeon, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, and ob-gyn. nurse; radiology technician; social worker; manager assistant; nutrition specialist; psychologist; and healthy.

FeSaúde Competition – In the State Health Foundation (FeSaúde) competition, 24 calls were made with 1,400 professionals who were called to work in units of the Family Medicine Program, Psychosocial Care Centres, Therapeutic Homes, Street Office and Children and Youth Reception Unit.