November 30, 2023
No annual credit card available now

No annual credit card available now

The credit card is subject to approval by the Caixa Economica Federal Corporation. Learn more details.

Customers who have an account through the Caixa Tem app will now be able to use a new feature in their daily lives, which is Credit card. One of the advantages of card users is that there are no annual fees for it, as is the case with others. The card has a minimum purchase amount in cash or in installments.

Each time a credit card purchase is made, a different code will be generated for that purchase. Through these means, security will be ensured. The credit card is subject to approval by the federal Caixa Econômica, therefore, people with a negative name cannot obtain credit approval.

between different Benefits From the Caixa Tem credit card, the following stand out:

  • No annual salary
  • minimum access;
  • Supplementary Card
  • possibility of use in Brazil and abroad;
  • Access to the Cashier Cards app;
  • Discounts on visa vouchers.

How to apply

The application is submitted directly through the Caixa Tem app. When you log into the app, the “credit card” option will appear. After clicking on it, it will be necessary to update the registered data to get the version.

Inside the option, some information will appear, and after that, the definition of the expiration date will appear.