February 1, 2023
No Build mode is considered successful, albeit temporary

No Build mode is considered successful, albeit temporary

The dream of many has finally come true: play is now possible It is an electronic game Without the need to be a pro player or have a civil engineering degree to build an eight storey building with three different types of materials. This is because Epic Games benefited from entering season 2 From Chapter 3 to me battle royale To remove buildings from the situation unofficial about the game. The new version is expected to be available until March 27, but all ways lead to believe that it will be around for a long time.

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First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the construction mechanism is still active in Arenawhich is usually played by both professional players who aspire to a certain score so they can participate in tournaments, and by players who just want to be more competitive.

That is: Fortnite, for now, offers options to play with and without the build. Do you like or have easy build and manage items? Well, go out there and play your ring. Don’t like or find it difficult to build and manage materials? Calm down, go out there and play casual. It is this inclusion, however superficial it may be, that ultimately matters..

On most occasions, the first complaint of those who do not play Fortnite regularly is the need to climb Burj Khalifa The tallest building in the world is 828 meters and 163 floors, located in Dubaiwe Arab Emirates – In less than five seconds. This factor has historically alienated thousands of potential players interested in the game, but it has made a difference in relation to other games of this genre. battle royale.

Burj Khalifa in Fortnite (Photo: clone/Fortnite)

Therefore, Epic Games has always been at a crossroads: sticking to its convictions and failing to win over audiences in what is its flagship product or listening to the appeal of a large part of the gaming community and making an exception. Well, the publisher took the second option and now has to deal with two types of player profiles in the same universe.

But this is not a problem. In recent years, Epic Games has been famous for creating many gameplay options within Fortnite from creative. Some of these novelties have even led to talk, such as Game mode inspired by Between us. However, none of them generated such a big commotion as There is no build mode. This says more about the Fortnite community than the developer.

The great truth is that most of the participants in the Fortnite scenario have always thought only and exclusively of their belly button. In their view, the ideal world has fewer and fewer changes, and therefore, there is no need to learn and adapt to the definition of the game.

In addition, the most competitive Fortnite players, a group mostly made up of those who are already very familiar with the game and who lead the criticism regarding the no-build mode, are nothing more than a well of selfishness. They like to feel better. They like to feel superior. They like to show that they can do things that a frequently playing user can’t because they put in years of playing to get to that level.

When Epic Games removes buildings from normal mode and gives other players the opportunity to enjoy Fortnite in a different way, the inflated self-esteem of a more competitive audience is so affected that it feels like the end of the world. You don’t have to go far to come across comments critical of the publisher’s decision and indicating that the creation mechanism has expired. No, it’s not over yet. And it’s hardly going to end because that’s what makes Fortnite Fortnite.

The hole is deeper than we think, but we’ve come to a point where Fortnite needs to think long-term and not just every three months. Removing buildings, even temporarily. Hitting two birds with one stone.

In other words, the no-build mode is successful because it achieves two results at the same time: it integrates audiences who want a different gameplay and expands the product from the point of view of the community and the brand. For games and Fortnite, the mode must be final. The rest is just nonsense.