May 31, 2023

“No credibility. Lost, weakling”; Leader ‘mouth to mouth’ and joins the list with Marcos Praz to resign at Flamengo


On social networks, a discussion with fans was seen and a lot of repercussions were born in Rubro-Negro

Photograph: Alexandre Vidal/Flamingo – Praz isn’t the only one taking his nation seriously.

after 4 rounds, The Brazilian championship is getting hot, not least because some stand out and get sequences that can help a lot in the lead, when everything is going the other way around, dividing the title candidates, the mid-ranking candidates and the relegation. Coming off in a positive way makes all the difference, especially when dealing with a long-running competition with a lot of qualified people.

Those who cannot stand out are already thinking of new reinforcementsBut what hurts countless teams the most is the financial problem, given that the moment is not the best and some know that even in need of more options, they can not dare too much, before the debt becomes larger and irreversible every day.

In case FlamingoThe need for news has become even more apparent, given the current crisis of a club that does not find itself even after the arrival of Jorge Sampaoli. After the third consecutive defeat in the Brazilian championship, Fans on social networks did not forgive and started an argument with Cacau Cottathat went viral:

“The dummy has appeared. He works as a volunteer and still does evil. With no credibility in the Brazilian Football Confederation and CONMEBOL. Get out, you idiots.”began Flamenguista, which was discussed:

Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamingo – Kaku Cota, center, has sparked controversy for Flamengo.

“I work voluntarily, I’m a paid manager, I come from the stands, made of cement. I’ve been fighting to defend our biggest institution, CRF. Hugs and SRN,” he began, adding: “Three Libertadores, two Brazilian players, a cup from Brazil, Three cariocas, etc, etc. I didn’t see you say that six months ago, brother.”Cocoa shoots.

Is the nation right to criticize cocoa?

Is the nation right to criticize cocoa?

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As if that were not enough, Cacau also requests coverage and says that he is responding to the process, therefore, the beating of fans on social networks is nothing: “I put my face down, you can charge! You really charge. I don’t fart to anyone. I’m responding to a criminal case even today because of Fla-Flu last year”. As a result, the Top Hat is told to leave with Marcus Braz.