December 3, 2023

No Excuses: Colorados Deion Sanders Reflects on Oregons Dominance – Shiv Telegram Media

Deion Sanders Reflects on Colorado’s Loss to Oregon: Acknowledges Areas Needing Improvement

In a post-game interview, Deion Sanders, the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, candidly discussed his team’s disappointing 42-6 loss to the Oregon Ducks. Sanders did not shy away from the fact that the Buffaloes played poorly, admitting that they were outplayed in every aspect of the game.

Colorado struggled on both offense and defense, making numerous mistakes and racking up penalties. Even the absence of star player Travis Hunter, who was sidelined due to injury, couldn’t salvage the game for the Buffaloes. Sanders acknowledged that his team needs to improve, particularly in protecting the quarterback and successfully running the ball.

However, Sanders dismissed the notion of a talent gap between Colorado and Oregon, defending his team’s confidence. He firmly believed that the attention and scrutiny they receive are often attributed to his own persona and coaching style. Sanders explained that opposing teams often focus more on beating him personally rather than his team, leading to taunts and comments on the field.

Despite facing adversity, the Buffaloes displayed resilience and confidence throughout the game. Sanders remained unfazed by the cameras capturing his every move and the reactions from the crowd, whether cheers or boos.

Looking ahead, Sanders emphasized the need for improvement but expressed optimism for the future of the program. He acknowledged that Colorado is currently in a rebuilding phase, but believes that with continuous hard work and dedication, they will be able to bounce back stronger.

As Sanders concluded the interview, he assured fans and supporters that the Buffaloes would learn from their mistakes and strive to improve. With an unwavering belief in his team’s abilities, Sanders instilled confidence that Colorado would overcome this setback and emerge better than ever.