No exemptions for sex education classes in school, prevents Legault

Pas de dispenses aux cours d'éducation sexuelle à l'école, prévient Legault

MONTREAL — The prime minister of Quebec has warned catholic parents feel uncomfortable with the current sexual education in the schools that their children will not be exempted.

The archdiocese of Montreal, was recommended Wednesday to quebec parents opposed to the teaching goals, sexual of the ministry of Education to provide themselves with this material to their children, providing an educational tool offered from Monday, for the sum of $ 10. According to the archdiocese, several parents feel that the government is imposing teachings that sex too early – and in a way that violates their values.

The diocese of Montreal added a tool prepared by dr. Raouf Ayas and the abbot, father Robert Gendreau, director of the Service of the liturgical ministry of the Archdiocese of Montreal, was in compliance with the mandatory targets of the ministry of Education, while adapting it to the perspective of the Church.

Questioned in press conference in Montreal on Thursday, the prime minister François Legault responded that the courses of sex education in schools “will be mandatory for everyone”.

“I think it is important to have courses of sex education in our schools,” said Mr. Legault, himself a former Education minister in the pq government of Lucien Bouchard, at the turn of the years 2000. With all that we are living since some years, it is important that youth understand all of the impacts and they are able to see how we can evolve in a society between men and women.”

The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, had early on Thursday morning to react to the news. On his Twitter account, he stated that sexuality education was part of the “learning core” in Québec. “The only exemptions issued will be in an exceptional way, for reasons very specific, for example, for students who have experienced trauma important”, warned the minister.

Step aside

The diocese of Montreal has finally taken its distances, Thursday noon, of this manual on sex education, written by a priest and a cardiologist, which he had actively promoted the day before. The archbishop wrote on his Twitter account that he was “not involved in the initiative, nor the publication of this book”.

“We wish to clarify that the booklet is the result of a personal initiative of a father of a family supported by a document written by a doctor and a priest,” argued the diocese of Montreal.

In a press release sent out a little later in the early afternoon, he claimed that “the relay of information” relating to the booklet on the program for sex Education of the ministry of Education from kindergarten to 3rd year of primary school “does not in any way constitute an endorsement of its content by the archdiocese of Montreal.”

“This book is the result of a personal initiative of a father of a family, Mr. Raymond Ayas, supported by a document written by a doctor and a priest to accompany the catholic parents interested in this approach,” says one.

The previous day, the archdiocese indicated to the parents that they had the opportunity to speak with teachers and make a special arrangement to provide for themselves, the course of sexuality education. The children would continue to stay enrolled in the program to the department, but would receive the educational content at home. The press release warned the catholic parents worried that classes will start already everywhere in Quebec and that there was no more time to lose.

The archdiocese added that videos would soon be published on his page Facebook and on YouTube, and a round table on “the problems”, which will propose “solutions” would take place next Wednesday.

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