December 7, 2022
No More Worries: How to Develop Psychological Resilience in 3 Steps - Small Business Big Business

No More Worries: How to Develop Psychological Resilience in 3 Steps – Small Business Big Business

It must have happened to you: everything is normal, until the flow of negative thoughts begins to worry and paralyze you. These imagined scenes are often associated with insecurities about your work, such as a file competitor who may create a product similar to yours. But the call psychological flexibility It can help overcome negative thoughts in three steps.

Psychological resilience can help you overcome negative thoughts in three steps.

The method known in the field of psychology as “cognitive restructuring”, this method was recently shared in an article on the site. inc Written by former football coach Eric Karim. In the text, he states that he learned the technique that teaches mental development during his career in sports and that it works in competitive environments.

For him, psychological resilience is in athletes It can achieve results even under pressure. Check out the three steps announced by the athlete:

Focus on the present moment

The onset of immersion in troubling thoughts occurs when we lose touch with the present moment. However, it is possible to train a skill Full focus of the mind in present. It consists in engaging in the present without judging your thoughts or feelings. To do this, you need to find an anchor that suits you.

Focusing on your breath or walking where you focus on your senses—feeling the heat of the sun, the breeze, and even the feeling of your feet sliding on the ground—are options for stabilizers nowadays. There are meditation apps like Calm, Headspace, and Abide that can direct you to this focus.

Nervous normalization

It’s very common to hear that performers always feel butterflies in their stomachs before going on stage, even with years of experience. This also happens to athletes who are under the pressure To guarantee the results of the tournament.

Embracing your discomfort can help you focus on the present moment and take action. So, the next time you have an important appointment for your company, accept the tension that arises and take it as a sign that you are alert and ready to achieve your goals.

Act according to your values

When you are connected to the present, it is possible to act guided by you ValueDon’t get carried away emotionally with irrational decisions. Attention, honesty, and compassion are some examples of characteristics you can choose to communicate with.

Write down on paper the values ​​you want to adhere to in the situation. Then search for an announcer for the current moment. In this way, you will not be held hostage by feelings, but you can constantly act rationally and in line with your values.