March 23, 2023
Problems with video calls on Whats?  Experts offer the solution

No one expected this change in WhatsApp to take photos and videos

a The WhatsApp It is undoubtedly one of the most used applications by all Brazilians who have a smartphone in their hands. The Messenger has revolutionized the way of communication both in personal life and at work. However, the company Meta – responsible for the application, does not stop testing innovations and implementing features to improve the messenger.

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The novelty promises to bring major changes to the way people use WhatsApp today. At least, this is what the site specializing in the topic WABetaInfo offers. The changes focus on the Photos and Videos feature within the messaging platform.

Understand what could change in WhatsApp soon

New tools are in the testing phase within WhatsApp, and they promise to bring real revolutions to everyone who uses the app. However, it is only available to alternate testers, that is, to developers using the beta version of the software. It is intended to test all new features before they are officially released to its wide user base.

According to the information, the new tool will eliminate the need to hold down the button to record videos for The WhatsApp🇧🇷 More than that, switching between “Video” and “Photo” modes should be faster and easier.

Although the changes are interesting and many people are waiting to test them, the truth is that there is still no release date. This means Meta hasn’t revealed when it intends to end the features or even if they will be officially delivered. However, when a changelog arrives for the beta, it’s because it’s going to be official soon.

All recent changes to sound modes, privacy, and profile settings have gone through the same validation processes. This means that we will soon have new ways to record videos and take photos with a file The WhatsAppwhich set a precedent for further innovations in the messaging system.