February 5, 2023
"No strings attached to this TV series" · TV news

“No strings attached to this TV series” · TV news

One of the main mysteries Transit Revealed this Wednesday (30). After talking too much about someone named Haroldo, Nunes (Orá Figueiredo) finally introduces the new employee at Encanto da Vila bar – a robot capable of even sending “tamo together” to Joel (Nando Cunha). The novelty of the Nine O’Clock series divided opinions on social networks.

The Gloria Perez series has brought together a large part of the cast For the first scene with the machine working as a waiter. Even protagonist Prisa (Lucy Alves) and Otto (Romulo Estrelas) are shocked by the device’s capabilities.

However, the revelation did not satisfy most of the public on Twitter. “When I think I’ve seen everything in this life there is Travisia, what nonsense. Shame on this robot,” Neri da Camara Pinto complained.

“Only Gloria Perez is able to gather 60% of the cast in one night to see a robot arrive as a bartender,” a profile identified only as Rebecca continued.

“After this bot, I have only one thing to say: this series is no salvation,” added Henrique Alves. “Robot. No strings attached to this series. And Gloria Perez thinks it’s too avant-garde. It just doesn’t work,” edited by Apocalypse Cow.

However, other netizens bought the novelty and remember that the author has already resorted to technological revolutions in other plots –Even predicting hypothetical encounters in Explode Coração (1994).

“I’m laughing alone with this bot honestly. I made a tea for the bot and then he showed up with a little tray, served one malt with a eye of light and sent ‘we together’ to a guy he actually hated. What a joy to live in the future,” concluded Larisa.

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transit is a Novel written by Gloria Perez🇧🇷 The plot has the art direction of Mauro Mendonca Filho It is located in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhao.

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