August 18, 2022
Nobank launches 50% discount on card payments

Nobank launches 50% discount on card payments

at recent days , nubank It announced the launch of its new credit card targeting high-income consumers. the card ultraviolet It offers a number of advantages, including those in the Black category of the tool. Among them, there are discounts on shopping at partner companies.

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However, to take advantage of the card offers, it is necessary to pay a monthly annual fee of R$49. However, customers who keep their card monthly expenses at R$5,000 or invest at least R$150,000 in nubank The monthly fee will be waived. Not sure how it works?

Advantages of UV rays

Due to the Mastercard Black branding, Ultravioleta card user can access VIP lounges, Wi-Fi at airports, flight life insurance, protected purchases, price protection and other offers guaranteed with the Mastercard Surpreendeda relationship program.

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In addition to these advantages, the customer can also receive a discount of up to 30% on purchases in partner stores. Check out these companies and what the discount percentage is in each of them:

  • C&A: 12% off on site;
  • Camicado: up to 10% off all purchases on the hot site;
  • Casas Bahia: up to 25% off select products;
  • Centauro: 25% off team jerseys on website;
  • Clube do Malte: 50% off the first month of Beer Pack 4 for a quarterly subscription;
  • Dasa: up to 20% off on vaccinations and exams;
  • Takeoff: Up to 10% off tickets, accommodation, packages and more;
  • Electrolux: up to 45% off Shop Club;
  • Evino: R$50 off the first purchase and R$20 off the next purchase;
  • Extra: up to 25% off select products;
  • Net: 12% off the full promotional site;
  • LivUp: up to 20% off products;
  • Results: 10% discount on daily rates;
  • With: 15% off the entire site;
  • Mash: 10% off all websites;
  • Natura: up to 30% off selected products;
  • Netshoes: 15% discount on purchases on the partner page;
  • Point: up to 25% discount on selected products;
  • RecargaPay: $10 off your first in-app purchase;
  • Renner: up to 15% off purchases on the partnership page;
  • Salomão Zoppi: 25% discount on exams;
  • Shoestock: up to R$100 off purchases on the partnership page;
  • Backgammon Society: 20% off your first purchase;
  • Tommy Hilfiger: 20% off plus free shipping;
  • Zatini: 10% discount on products sold and shipped by Zatini.

What is the difference between the Roxinho Card and the Nubank Ultravioleta?

The Roxinho Card remains the same: there are no annual fees, the application controls 100% with humane and efficient service that only Nubank has. Nubank Ultravioleta is built for those who want to go the extra mile: Made of metal, plus benefits like 1% instant cashback that never expires and automatically grows 200% CDI, and all Mastercard Black benefits, like access to VIP rooms and free WiFi At any airport and a set of travel insurance.

The fee for Nubank Ultravioleta is R$49. If you spend at least R$5,000 per month on the card or have at least R$150,000 saved or invested between Nubank and Nu Investment, this monthly fee will not be charged.

I’ve signed up for the hotspot, what now?

“We are issuing Nubank Ultraviolet little by little, but don’t worry that once the card is available for your registration we will send you a message and the option to request Ultraviolet will appear on your application. It is important to always keep your app up to date with notifications turned on to ensure that our notifications reach you correctly,” Nubank said.

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