December 1, 2023
"Nobody on the left" · TV news

“Nobody on the left” · TV news

Viih Tube said he stayed with 46 people during Gkay’s Farofa In the past three days. In a video by Mateus Mazavera at dawn on Wednesday (8), the influencer was asked how many people she would accept at Jessica Keane’s party. “Friend, no one left,” he admits BBB21 participant.

Pink mouth [Bianca Andrade] Pass the crown to her,” mocks Mazzafera in the recording. Ex-On Vacation with Ex, from MTV, Fael Ozimo appears in the video and decries her friend: “46 I kissed.” Shocked, the YouTuber interrogated the blogger. 46? She told me 18!” The influencer gets angry. 46, Viih Tube! Ozimo insists.

The ex BBB just laughs and can’t reply. “No, wait, I need to correct this. You lied to me. Viih Tube, tell me if this is true or a lie. Was it 46?” , asks the presenter. “Friend, there is no one left, my friend!” , assume blonde.

On her Twitter profile, Vitoria taunted the mop she passed at the ceremony in Fortaleza. “I didn’t catch frogs, guys, that’s what matters,” I found Ex-girlfriend Bruno Magri, whom he broke up with in October.

In Farofa da Gkay, I got Viih Tube Lip Ribeiro NS He even swore to the exclusivity of the previous A Fazenda. “I got eight, but I’m yours,” the blogger said on Tuesday (7).

The message was sent while Ribeiro was joking about the YouTuber’s love affairs. “I came here [do quarto]I heard the sound of Viih Tube. I was just seeing if she’s holding someone, but she’s not. Congratulations on what this girl takes from us! How much did you get yesterday, Victoria? “, Ask the former, Bourihan In Instagram Stories.

“Eight,” Fieh had answered, which surprised Ribeiro and Matthew Crivella, Novinho, who was also present on the fourth. Then the former BBB announced to the MTV host: “But I’m yours.”

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