July 14, 2024

Noka is surprised by her lost granddaughter and threatens her secret

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Noka is surprised by her lost granddaughter and threatens her secret
Noka is surprised by her lost granddaughter and threatens her secret

Nuka (Marita Severo) will be surprised by a missing granddaughter in place in the sun. Without revealing the truth about the degree of kinship, Taian (Georgina Castro) will start working at her grandmother’s restaurant and will threaten the chef’s secret with Lara (Andrea Horta) at the 9 a.m. Opera Globo.

Tayan will appear from Class 20 next Thursday, when Noka hastily goes to her mother’s funeral in Minas Gerais. The girl is a daughter Jeronimo (Thelmo Fernandez), who was stolen from her arms as a child When she tried to flee her city.

During the awakening period, the veteran will be recognized by some of those present, and the girl will listen to the commotion and take a hidden photo of her relative. After the funeral, she will comment on the episode with her mother. “No one told me, I was there, at the door of the cemetery. By the way, if you want to see the picture,” says the young woman, showing her cell phone.

The mother will ask her daughter to leave the story alone, because the family of the entrepreneur no longer wants to contact her. Taian will not give up and will launch an investigation into her grandmother. After collecting information about nukaYou will decide to go to Rio de Janeiro.

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Georgina Castro and Marietta Severo Behind the scenes

Georgina Castro and Marietta Severo in the dressing room

When the girl arrives at the restaurant, the old woman will be in the middle of the rush with the number of customers. Without thinking twice, you will offer to help. “Honey, you saved the country,” Nukka will thank you. “Well, I guess God also helped me by making you give me this opportunity,” she would release the young woman.

“Where are you from, your method of peeling corn?” asks Grandma. larra. “I am? From Espiritu Santo,” Taian lies. “Well, wherever you are, the important thing is that you understand ground zero. I quickly write what I say, you are the one who will hire me as your assistant,” he joked. The character of Marietta Severo.

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