December 1, 2023

Non-Human Beings Advocate for Extraterrestrials Return in Mexicos Congress – Shiv Telegram Media

Mexican Legislators Hold Another Hearing on Extraterrestrial Life and UFOs

In a continued effort to explore the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, Mexican legislators recently held another hearing, drawing attention from ufologists and skeptics alike. The event, which took place at the Mexican Congress, featured a renowned journalist, Jaime Maussan, who presented his claims on the discovery of “non-human beings” in Peru.

Maussan gained international notoriety in the past after presenting alleged mummies discovered in Peru as evidence of ancient aliens. However, these claims were met with widespread ridicule after a report in 2017 revealed that the bodies were, in fact, manufactured dolls rather than actual ancestral beings from another world.

Undeterred by the skepticism surrounding his previous claims, Maussan appeared at the hearing armed with new evidence. He presented photographs and x-rays of what he believes to be a genuine extraterrestrial creature. The images depicted an unusual being with anatomical features distinct from those of humans.

Collaborating with Maussan, Dr. Daniel Mendoza also shared his findings during the hearing. Mendoza showcased photographs and x-rays, providing further support for the existence of non-human creatures. Both Maussan and Mendoza passionately urged lawmakers and fellow scientists to take their claims seriously and consider the profound implications for humanity.

Lawmaker Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, who presided over the hearing, expressed his open-mindedness to all ideas and proposals for debate. Luna emphasized the importance of fostering a space in which unconventional ideas can be freely discussed, encouraging inclusivity and exploration across all scientific disciplines.

While the hearing has reignited the debate on extraterrestrial life, skeptics argue that the evidence presented is still insufficient to conclusively prove the existence of non-human beings. They stress the need for rigorous scientific investigation and peer review to substantiate these claims.

As the search for answers and evidence continues, the hearing serves as a reminder that the exploration of unknown phenomena remains a captivating subject of interest for people worldwide. Only time will tell if humanity will one day make contact with extraterrestrial life or unravel the mysteries of the universe.