October 2, 2022
North Korean government destroys peaceful floating hotel

North Korean government destroys peaceful floating hotel

a The North Korean government is destroying a floating resort located in the mountainous Mt. Kumgang region.

The hotel has now been demolished as a symbol of peace between North and South Korea.

Mount Kumgang, whose name means “diamond,” has been the site of rare moments of reconciliation between the citizens of the two countries, who are technically still at war.

A South Korean Unification Ministry official told CNN they have discovered what appears to be “dismantling activity” at multiple sites on Mount Kumgang.

This news comes after months of unconfirmed reports of the demolition of the complex’s buildings.

Onjonggak Rest House is located at the foot of Mount Kumgang, where the well-publicized gatherings of separated families from the south and north once took place.

Also cited as likely to have been destroyed recently this week is the Hyundai Asan office in Kumgang. The South Korean-owned company was responsible for managing the tourist area.

“The Mount Kumgang tours have improved inter-Korean reconciliation and served as a focal point for inter-Korean exchanges,” Hyundai spokesman Asan Park Sung-ok told CNN earlier.

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