November 29, 2022
Not every driver can.  Know who has been excluded?

Not every driver can. Know who has been excluded?

The Uber It announced earlier this week that it will present Loans up to 10,000 BRL For its drivers and delivery partners. The credit contract will be completed through an Uber Conta account, a digital account exclusively for app workers.

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According to the information disclosed by the company, not everyone who provides services through its platform is able to order them. Check out more details about this news.

Personal loan from Uber

Loan interest rates will start at 2.99% per month, with up to 18 months to repay the debt. The amount chosen can range between R$1,000 and R$10,000.

According to a survey by Procon-SP, the interest rate is lower than that imposed by large banks in September. average cost personal loan It was 7.20% the morning of last month.

Payment will be made through automatic deduction from the drivers earnings until the completion of the monthly installment amount. Discounts will start 28 days before the installment due date, with a grace period of up to 80 days.

Who can apply?

The line, called Uber Personal Credit, is exclusive to Diamond and Platinum drivers in Uber Pro, the company’s partner loyalty program. The plan is to test novelty with this audience and then expand the line to the rest of the drivers.

In addition, you must be active on the platform, have completed at least 25 rides or deliveries, and have no legal restrictions.

To open an Uber account and check all available products and services, go to platform site Click on “I want to open my account”.