August 17, 2022
Novak Djokovic admits his mistake by giving him the interview even the injured: "selfish" |  sport shoes

Novak Djokovic admits his mistake by giving him the interview even the injured: “selfish” | sport shoes

Once again the focus is on the spotlight of the tennis world Novak Djokovic. And again in a case out of court. The player – who gave an interview to a French newspaper despite contracting Covid-19 – admitted he made a mistake in making that decision.

The Serbian, who used the RT-PCR test taken on December 16 in an attempt to show that he would be able to compete in the Australian Open in January, having recently been injured, met with journalist Franck Ramilla and members of the French newspaper L’Equipe on the 18th day, Two days after the exam.

– You made a mistake. I respect Frank, he’s been in tennis longer than me. We postponed the interview for some time and by the time he tested positive he was already in Belgrade. I wore the mask throughout the interview, we were away. I took off the mask to take pictures, but Frank and the photographer were away. I realize I was selfish, and I was wrong. I know that not all people will forgive me, and I understand the detractors.”

Novak Djokovic tested positive, however he gave an in-person interview – Image: Getty Images

Djokovic, who was repatriated from Australia – one of the most successful athletes in tennis history – said he has fond memories of the country, winning the Open Championship nine times.

– Many beautiful things happened to me, professionally, there. Despite everything that has happened, I have a great attachment to the country.

With regard to Covid-19, “Nole” has not ruled out in the future getting vaccinated for the first time against the disease. However, it negates the reputation of antivax.

– I do not like to participate in certain initiatives or communities. I did not say that I belong to any of them. I keep an open mind, anything is possible. We will see how the situation will develop, but for now I have decided not to (vaccinate) – announced the athlete, who hopes to represent Serbia at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Getting an Olympic medal, especially a gold, is always a big wish. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to go through with it in the past. I have plans to be in Paris.