May 28, 2023

“Now I would see…”; Abel Ferreira surprises and sends the truth about the deals done by Santos


The coach spoke about the matter during a press conference

© Photo: Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF– Abel Ferrara

a saints The cast is OK, but it will hardly be able to fight for massiveness addresses this chapter. The group is not too bad, but it is clear that it will need reinforcements at a higher level to face the main teams in Brazilian football. However, Odair Hellmann needs to show more service.

In the past few days, Peixão has hired 3 reinforcements: Luan Dias, Bruno Mezenga, and Gabriel Inocencio. The trio stood out wearing the Água Santa shirt and Alvinegro Praiano decided to invest in these players. They will not change the level of the team, but it may be important to give more options to the coaching staff.

Last Wednesday night (12), Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira surprised and talked about Santos. The captain loved the signings of these three players that Béxão made, all coming from Água Santa. In Abel Ferreira’s view, these athletes deserve opportunities because they are really good.

I really like giving chances to players from other divisions because I had them in Portugal and we came here looking for players from the second division and the third division and they were good. When a player is good, he plays anywhere (place). Now I was looking at the Agua Santa players, two or three players Santos went to get. This is how it should be. We must not be afraid (…)“, said Abel who continued:

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(…]We must have the courage to give these players a chance in the lower divisions. Young guys with a lot of quality and we must give them opportunities to reach a higher level because if they don’t give me the opportunity to come and coach Palmeiras, I will be nobody (…)“, Portuguese explained.