February 5, 2023

“Now that’s enough” TV News

Thiago Levert announced on Saturday (24) that he is taking a break from his professional commitments after a busy year due to the World Cup. “Now that’s enough,” the journalist said on Instagram. Despite feeling overwhelmed, the former Big Brother Brasil presenter explained that focusing on work has helped him keep his mental health up to date.

In his personal life, LeVert is dedicated to treating his daughter, Lua, who is just two years old, from eye cancer. The World Cup Final including alternate narrator broadcasting the World Cup on Globoplay and SporTV 2 left out of sight🇧🇷 confirmed to the news Who needs to accompany the first-born chemotherapy session?

So he was grateful to have something to occupy his mind with other concerns. “It’s all helped me keep my head healthy in a tough year here at home, you know. Baby’s still fighting steady and jumping on the couch and wanting to go for a walk, but Dad is officially exhausted!” he said in the post.

In the text he shared with his followers, the former Globo player gave a long list of works to be done in 2022. “I started the year on YouTube with Paulistão broadcasts, spent half of it on Amazon Prime Video and ended the year in the Copa on Globoplay. In the area, in a subtle way, He won his first Billboard 100,000 subscribers. I threatened to live with video games, but I realized I couldn’t take it and took a break,” Leifert wrote.

Even with the sabbatical announced, the sports journalist gave a spoiler as to when he would return to solo work. “The spirits from Tres na Aria return sometime during the state tournaments, and until then I will rest as much as I can,” he stressed.

Lunar cancer

during Sunday with Huck on December 11th, Thiago Levert had commented on his daughter’s treatment after being diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Luciano Huck recalled why Levert left TV in 2021 and predicted the expiration of his contract with Globo.

“Loa, who is Tiago’s little daughter, has a health problem. That is why he was removed from the stage, because of this love for his daughter, unconditional, that we have,” he said, before being questioned about the current health status of the child.

“She’s dealing with it. We found out on Wednesday, and on Thursday, I should have been here in Rio to record last year’s audio. So, I was really pulled. It was out of nowhere, everything was so fast, “Tiago Levert remarked.

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