February 6, 2023

Nubank announces news to forgotten customers

Nubank has a tool that can be very useful to “forgotten” customers; Come see what it’s all about.

The “forgotten” people will be able to benefit a lot with the tool available at nubank🇧🇷 This is the auto discount scheduling option for bill payment. This function allows the Nubank account balance to automatically pay credit card related amounts. credit Per month.

The news was announced by Nubank at the beginning of the year, more specifically in March. The aim of the initiative — requested by users of the platform, according to the digital bank itself — is to make customers’ lives more practical and simple.

At the time of the announcement of the new functionality, there was information that the distribution of the tool will take place gradually, gradually reaching all Nubank users. Noteworthy: The function is optional, and the customer who wants to use it will need to activate the configuration.

Nobank: Leave the bill at auto debit

To leave the bill in auto-debit, the Nubank customer must access the bank’s app, which is available for Android, at google appsand iOS, on app store🇧🇷 When accessing the settings, the user should find the Card Configuration tab.

You should then access the Auto Bill Discount field and click on Activate. Very simple process. From then on, the customer will have to wait for the next bill to expire, which will be deducted automatically.

There is no need to put any ‘reminder’ or notice of the payment date. If the person does not have available credit to make the payment, they will receive a notification from Nubank. The bank also informs about all the steps of the process, and confirms the payment when making the payment.

It is important to note that this type of automatic deduction is limited to the relative expenses of Credit card, except for other bills to be paid by the bearer. The feature can be activated and deactivated whenever the user wants.

Photo: Tada Images / shutterstock.com