February 1, 2023

Nubank application update generates customer complaints

a Nubank is the largest digital bank in the world, with millions of customers in Brazil but also in other Latin American countries. Founded in 2013, the Brazilian startup, based in São Paulo, has won many customers due to its practicality, as well as for offering very attractive products.

between the Attractions in Nubank The many investment options available, as well as the credit offered, can be mentioned in an easy way. In addition, fintech a Annual fee cardThat is, the customer does not need to pay a fee to own the card.

However, despite all of Nubank’s advantages, it has recently sparked controversy due to its new app update. Customers say accessing certain account data has become more difficult, and the number of complaints about the app has skyrocketed.

understand the application

Nubank is a financial technology, a digital bank. Thus, it does not have physical branches where the customer can go to solve problems, open accounts, etc. Therefore, all actions and transactions are done digitally, through the company’s application.

Even the more traditional banks, which have physical branches, such as Itau, canBradesco, etc. have applications. This makes life easier for the client, because he does not need to go to the branch to perform many actions.

Among the tools available in these applications is the bank statement. Through it, the customer can check the money that entered and left his account, so that he has more control over his money.

So, with the snippet, users can also control the returns of their investment. And in the case of Nubank, the simple fact of leaving money in the account is like a investment.

Nubank invests users’ resources in government bonds, which are safe investments. In this way, the client of the company leaves the money in the account and has an income, and there is no risk of losing money with this.

Nubank update

How does he earn money Nobank accountin order for the client to have complete control over his finances, it is necessary that all information about income appears in the statement, as well as inflows and outflows of funds.

However, with the new update of the Nubank app, this earnings information is not clearly available. Before the update, the customer only had to enter the manifest to access this information.

The bank still provides this data, but accessing it has become more complicated. Now, in order for the customer to access the income data of the Nubank account, he needs to follow some steps. First, it is necessary to open the account application and look for the “help” option and then tap on “IOF”.

Next, the customer must select the “How do I see taxes” option, and then look for the option to view taxes. In this way, the user Nubank application He will have access to all data indicating the account’s income for each month.

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