December 7, 2022
Nubank campaign donates 50 Brazilian reals on Valentine's Day?

Nubank campaign donates 50 Brazilian reals on Valentine’s Day?

According to the Uol Confere, Uol’s initiative to combat and clarify fake news on the Internet, a promotion attributed to nubank And it’s fake, as 50.00 BRL is given to anyone who participates in the Valentine’s Day contest via WhatsApp.

In order to steal users’ private information, such as bank details and passwords from their social media profiles, a message is sent containing a suspicious link that does not belong to the digital bank.

The fake message reads: “Hey, did you see Nubank giving away PIX for R$50? Just complete the test and get paid! Share now!”. The message contains a link and ends with: “Valentine’s Day Offer 2022 Nubank”.

Nubank has not disclosed the promotion on any of its official social networks, namely FacebookAnd the InstagramAnd the Twitter And the Youtubenot even in your official site.

phishing suspicion

Although it displays the logo and the use of purple in the message, some errors in the available link raise suspicion, for example, that it does not match the official website of the digital bank, which ends with “.com”. br “not”. ru”.

Such use of suspicious links is widely used for data theft, the so-called “phishing”, which identifies frauds aimed at stealing sensitive information, such as personal and banking data and passwords for profiles on social networks.

Other cases

Last month, a fake Mother’s Day campaign was announced, offering the same amount (50.00 R$) to anyone who took the hyperlink test. At the time, the content was verified by Agência Lupa,, and Fato ou Fake.

Already in March of this year, fake messages about the birthday of Nubank were circulated so that the user could participate in a game with a Pix prize of 75.00 R$. However, the content was examined and clarified by Agência Lupa.

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