March 31, 2023
Noticias Concursos

Nubank is authorized to operate as a financial institution in Colombia

With plans to expand its services abroad, the nubank Obtained approval to start a financial institution in Colombia. Now, the digital bank will be able to start a series of services for the so-called “No Columbia”.

“This achievement reinforces Nu’s long-term vision and commitment in Colombia and will allow it to expand its portfolio of credit, payment and investment products in the country,” he said. nubank.

The purpose of digital bank It is expanding its full range of products and services used in Brazil. After obtaining the first license, with its customer base exceeding 200,000 people, the fintech will apply for the second license, which is related to operation or operation.

At the end of 2021, nubank It announced that it will carry out its expansion in Latin America. It is important to note that in addition to Brazil and Colombia, the Digital Bank has also taken its purple flag to Mexico.

However, the biggest forecast currently is regarding Nubank’s second quarter results, in terms of shares and earnings, which will be released on Monday, the 15th of the month.

NUBANK will now have a function to schedule PIX

Client nubank Transactions can be scheduled via pix For frequently used keys. The new fintech function has been launched and it is available for Android and iOS users.

At first , recurring pix It only has a monthly frequency. Therefore, you will only be able to schedule one transaction per recurring key per month. News is released gradually, so it may take some time to reach you.

According to the digital bank, the intention is for the feature to bring more practicality to customers. “The Recurring Pix is ​​another innovation we have implemented in our digital account and in the PJ account to give them more time to devote themselves to other activities, ensuring that their transfers are made safely and in the time frame they need,” explained Nubank Senior Account Manager Arthur Valladao.

Another novelty announced nubank This week it was Ticket Finder. The new tool will allow users to discover all bank vouchers issued in CPF and/or CNPJ.

The intent, not unlike the other supplier, is to provide flexibility to fintech clients. It is important to note that both services are available in the “Payment Assistant” area, which is available on the main screen of the app.

Nubank launches personal loan with great terms

Now clients nubank Pre-approved credit can be obtained without bureaucracy. The offer can be viewed through the application itself, and the value that can be signed can be checked.

The contractor has the option of custom pricing and receiving the money immediately, allowing him to choose the best time to start paying. Learn more about the service below!

Nobank Personal Loan

To check if the registration is already in the pre-approval list before nubank, it is sufficient for the candidate to access the fintech application. After arriving, check the amount available to rent, then enter the required amount and the number of installments you want to split.

According to the Digital Bank, everything is automated, the interest rate is calculated instantly at the time of the simulation, as well as the amount that must be paid per month, depending on the date chosen for payment, since it is possible up to 90 days after the date . from employment.

There is no set date for the start of repayment, however, the loan must be paid in full within 24 months. After reviewing the conditions described in the application, the customer will be able to confirm his order. The amount will be credited to your account immediately.

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