September 26, 2022
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NUBANK issues 200 BRL this way via the app

Recently, a new service was launched by nubank to your customers. The function is called Contacts, Pay by round with the card is allowed.

The maximum value issued by fintech for payments without a password is 200 Brazilian Real. The customer can modify the card limit through the application itself. However, it is important to note that there is no option to correct the stroke by rounding. Therefore, it is the customer who must decide between getting the new limit issued in the job or deactivating the job.

The contacts function allows payments to be made virtually only, without the need to insert the card and enter the password. The service is valid for credit and debit modes. The feature is automatically activated and occurs after the first purchase with the card, when it is inserted into the device.

According to the Digital Bank, purchases made by rounding are encrypted, with the aim of ensuring the complete security of the transaction, since the use of a password becomes mandatory for payments over 200 BRL.

However, not all customers want to pursue this feature. So, if you want to deactivate your payment method virtually, just follow the steps:

  1. Enter the Nubank app and click on the arrow under your name;
  2. Choose the “Configure Card” option;
  3. Turn off Get Closer to Purchases

Nobank card limit

Regarding the card limit nubankThe bank’s algorithm that analyzes credit is constantly updated with new information.

“We’re always looking for more market data to help us make better profile decisions for each customer — and we often run new analyzes on our base to give proactive increases to the limits, for example,” says Nobank.

When the citizen is approved for Card Nubank, a projection of that person’s expenses is performed, with risk analysis and usage profile also using external data, such as a score (the score used by Serasa, which indicates people may be late or not paying the bill), for example, to establish a primary threshold and credit insurance.

“This process is done by an algorithm – an automated system that analyzes all this data and sets an initial threshold.”

How to cancel a purchase on a Nubank card?

If you are a customer of nubank It does not recognize a purchase made on your credit card, please be aware that it can be cancelled. Generally, the first action customers should take is to contact the facility where they were purchased.

However, in many cases, contacting the facility does not solve the problem, since credit operators do not have the autonomy to cancel the purchase without looking at both sides of the transaction. Thus, if the enterprise is incommunicado or does not provide any kind of assistance, it is necessary to look for other alternatives.

In this case, it is possible to seek help from nubank To object to your purchase through the chargeback process. See how below.

How to request a refund on Nubank

  1. Access to the application nubank;
  2. Click on the “Credit Card” tab;
  3. Click on the option to view the invoice and then on the purchase you want to cancel;
  4. Once this is done, press “Report a problem”;
  5. Now, select the reason for cancellation;
  6. Nubank will redirect you to contact the facility;
  7. If no response, click Continue Anyway;
  8. Finally, submit proof of payment to open a purchase dispute request.

What purchases can be disputed?

An appeal to the purchase can be made in the following cases:

  • If you have purchased one product and received another product;
  • If the merchandise is defective and has not been replaced;
  • If you do not recognize the purchase on the invoice; or
  • If you regret that you made the purchase within the time allowed and did not receive assistance from the store.

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