February 5, 2023

Nubank issues a public alert to customers

Customers must be careful not to get out of harm’s way. Find out what Nubank’s Public Alert is all about

Photo: Nubank/Disclosure

The end of the year can be considered as the perfect period for those who love to enjoy a moment with their families or even alone on vacation. However, this time it also ends up getting the attention of the criminals who make several hits. Therefore, the nubank Issue a public alert to customers.

It turns out that the Roxinho company does not want its customers to avoid fraud, and therefore not to become victims. Therefore, Nubank has created a platform with information and tips for users to protect themselves from scams and other types of crimes. Do you want to know how the digital bank page works? So be sure to check out the information below!

Understand how the platform created by Nubank works

At SOS Nu, customers can find tips to avoid becoming a victim of scams. Nubank provides “Modo Rua”, an additional layer of security that limits Pix transactions, transfers and bill payments. So, through this tool, users create limits for every time they are away from home.

In addition, the Nubank platform (click here) provides assistance and explains what customers should do after they have been victims of fraud, theft, theft, coercion, fraud, and counterfeit card and bill reproductions. All this helps them to solve the problem and not be harmed by the actions of criminals.

What Nubank customers should do if they are robbed

Unfortunately, the number of smartphone thefts in the country has not decreased. Therefore, Nubank has a step by step guide on what a customer whose cell phone has been stolen must do so that criminals cannot access their Nubank account. Therefore, the user must:

  • Go to the Nubank website (click here);
  • login with the same data used in the application;
  • Click on “I don’t have a mobile phone”
  • Click “Disconnect All”;
  • Then, contact the Nubank team to inform the fact in the email [email protected] or phone 0800 608 6236;
  • Don’t forget to file an accident report.

Photo: Nobank/Disclosure