September 29, 2023
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Nubank launches an invisible silver card: see how it works

a nubank Continue to bring news to the consumer base. This time, the beneficiaries of the latest digital bank launch have been clients of Legal Entities (PJ), who are beginning to access Premium Silver Credit Cardwith debit and credit functions enabled.

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Just like the traditional purple, the service There is no annual salaryThere are no hidden fees and free of bureaucracy. The big difference is that the company name can be put into the tool, as well as better (and in real time) control over transactions directed to Business.

Check out the product photo below, which only kept the dominant purple in the back:

New Nobank Silver Card

Basically, the purpose of issuing an exclusive credit card to customers who have a PJ account is to help organize the finances. That is, only business owners can apply for it with the bank.

The silver color, for example, is designed to facilitate differentiation between an individual’s card and a legal entity. Grandma enters the list of differentiated cards from financial technologywhich also brings ultravioletwhich represents the black flag of the bank.

How to apply for the new Nubank Silver Card?

Despite the news announcement, the new PJ Nubank Card is being gradually issued to account holders via the Nubank app. In this sense, at this first moment, only customers who meet the following conditions can order:

  • If the current card (purple) is close to winning;
  • If you find yourself in situations of loss, theft and/or damage;
  • Who has never requested a Silver Card in a PJ Account.

It is important to note that a file Nobank Silver Card For corporate clients, it has multiple functions (debit and credit). However, not everyone who has been granted access to the debit version will also have a pre-approved limit for using the credit version. This is because credit analyzes are performed to check each individual order.