January 31, 2023
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Nubank pays R$50,000 to the customer’s account; See how you get it

Nubank has launched a new opportunity for its customers to earn money. Through the new programme life ticketfintech will extract value 50 thousand Brazilian riyalsas well as other gifts for those involved in the work.

according to digital bankCustomers have until November 30 to participate in the event. The main requirement is to be a customer of Nubank Vida.

During the event, customers will be rewarded with virtual vouchers, which can be used for various services and fintech products.

In addition, participants will compete for cash prizes through the “Quiz da Vida”, which is held by life ticket From nubank. The survey will draw raffle tickets from 30 BRL to 100 BRL.

Also, R$1,000-$6000 will be drawn for the participants, and at the end of the event, R$50,000 will be issued as a lucky prize.

How to Compete for the Nubank Vida Awards?

Entering the lottery is very simple. Just this customer nubank Follow the step by step below:

  • Open the Nubank app;
  • access to the Nubank Vida screen;
  • Click the “Vale-Vida Nubank Promotion” button;
  • Once the promotional offer details appear on the screen, accept the terms and regulations;
  • Then click “Join”;

Once this is done, the customer will be directed to the check-in area of ​​the Vale-Vida Nubank hotspot. On the page, the game “Quiz da Vida” will be available, in addition, it will be possible to follow the results and winners of raffles.

Learn how the Nubank Trust List works

Currently , pixel It is one of the most widely used means of transferring values ​​in financial institutions. However, to avoid scams, the central bank has set a limit on the value of transactions made from specific times through the tool, which has left many people unsatisfied.

a nubankTherefore, it has launched a new service on its platform, in order to satisfy the demand of users who want to make transactions in large amounts. The new service about Trust Listindicating contacts that allow transfers and bill payments in high amounts.

How does the Nubank Trust List work?

The tool, which was released recently, allows the user of the application to register the closest or most popular contacts, to carry out transactions at any time, without a limit.

To register contacts on .’s trust list nubank It’s very simple. On the main page of the application, the user has to access the “PIX Zone” and click on “Settings”. Next, you should click on Trusted List and add the contacts of your choice.

It is important to remember that for security reasons, the listing registration is subject to analysis by the digital bank, which can take from 24 to 48 hours for approval.

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