July 18, 2024

Nubank releases R$200 to customers; see how

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Noticias Concursos
Noticias Concursos

lately , nubank It launched a new service for its customers, called Job contact. It is located around Pay by approach with the card.

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Now, the maximum amount of payments without a password is 200 Brazilian Real. The customer can modify the card limit through the fintech app. However, it is important for the customer to realize that there is no option to correct the credit limit roughly. Therefore, it is exclusively up to the customer to decide whether to release the new limit in the job or deactivate the job.

The new service allows you to pay in approximation only without the need to use the card. This function applies to credit and debit modes.

The new functionality is activated instantly, immediately after the first purchase with the card, when it is inserted into the device. After the release, the customer can use the function whenever he wants.

Purchases made through contact information are encrypted to ensure the security of the transaction, since the use of a password becomes mandatory for payments over 200 BRL.

Who doesn’t want to use the new functionality when making purchases with contactRounding up, it will be necessary to follow the three steps:

  1. Enter the Nubank app and click on the arrow below your name;
  2. Choose the “Configure Card” option;
  3. Turn off Get Closer to Purchases

Ready, by following the above three steps, the job contact The credit card will be deactivated from the customer’s account.

Nobank card limit

Regarding the Nubank card limit, the bank’s algorithm evaluates the credit and is constantly fed with new information.

“We’re always looking for more market data to help us make better profile decisions for each customer — and we often run new analyzes on our base to give proactive increases to the limit, for example,” says Nobank.

From the moment a person is approved for a Nubank card, fintech makes a projection of that person’s expenses, with a risk analysis, usage profile, and also uses external data, such as the score (the score used by Serasa, which indicates the likelihood that people are delays or failure to pay the bill), for example, to set the minimum and credit insurance.

“This process is done by an algorithm – an automated system that analyzes all this data and sets an initial threshold.”

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