June 5, 2023

Nubank surprises him by giving him a limit of R$200 to use a new job

a nubank He monitors trends in the financial market, which are becoming more technical every day and abandoning the use of physical products. In order not to be left behind, launch the digital bank Contactless paymentsie, approx.

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Those who want to experience this novelty are given a maximum amount of R$200 to make transactions without a password. It’s very simple: just bring the card to the terminal and the payment will be done instantly, without having to enter the password.

According to the financial institution, the limit serves to ensure the security of the user, as a higher value can cause significant losses in the event of card fraud or theft. If the customer wants to make a rough payment for purchases over R$200, just enter the password and complete the process as normal.

All Nubank customers can use the resource for credit or debit payments, including using a virtual card through a digital wallet. The novelty is available to both roxinho holders and Ultravioleta holders.

How is the R$200 limit released?

If you want to start using the function and pay for your purchases faster, here’s how to activate it in the app:

  • access to the Nubank app;
  • click on your photo;
  • Click on the “Configure Card” option.
  • Activate or deactivate Approximate Purchases.

It is worth noting that the option is already launched when the user orders his card, so that he can use it from the moment he receives the product. In addition, the bank knows that all transactions are encrypted and have the same security features as other types of payment to protect its owner.