November 28, 2023
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Nubank will offer R$50 to customers in October; See how you get it

according to nubankCustomers will receive an initial amount of 50 Brazilian Real Through your application this month. Fintech offers a Card Which, in addition to having many benefits, has no annual salary.

However, to receive the gadget, the customer undergoes an analysis based on several criteria, and often when released, the limit does not satisfy customers.

When nubank Grants your credit card, known as “lilac”For a customer whose terms are not very favorable, the initial limit is usually set at a value of 50 Brazilian Real. Whereas, in some cases of clients with lower credit scores, the limit is often denied.

However, in order to help its customers, the nubank It offers a maximum limit of R$50, as a way of analyzing the client’s circumstances, and thus, in the future, granting a credit limit increase.

Nubank reveals tips for increasing your credit card limit

This way, check below, five days allow to increase the limit Card:

Regular payment of your Nobank bill

Showing responsibility for the corporation’s debts should be the first step towards earning more credit. In this sense, paying bills on due dates should be a consistent procedure.

Focus spending on the card

Using the total limit available, as well as choosing to collect all potential expenses in purple, is a great way to get fintech’s attention. This is because Nubank may understand that it needs more credit.

Keep the name clean

It is worth noting that some debt defaults to the point that the name is negative in credit protection agencies can make it difficult to award more limit. Therefore, accounts must always be up to date.

In-app revenue update

If there is an increase in income, the information must be included in the digital bank application. Through this, a larger margin can be achieved, given the new financial capital.

Building a relationship with Nubank

Last but not least, build a relationship with the financial institution. The goal can be achieved by contracting other services provided, such as insurance, investments, etc.

Cards available in Nubank

a nubank It is one of the largest digital banks in Brazil. Among the various advantages offered by fintech, credit cards are the most demanded by customers.

Currently, the bank offers users three credit card options, namely He wentplatinum and UV, each with special and unique conditions.

Nobank Gold and Platinum Cards

First, kind Card It is the most requested by customers in nubank. Both have many benefits, such as 0 annuities. However, the difference between the tools is precisely in the advantages available in each one.

Specifically, on the Gold Card, customers can enjoy an extended warranty of up to one year, promotions on purchases made with the gadget, insurance and protection for prisoners and protection on purchases from accidental damage or theft.

On the other hand, on the card platinumUsers can take advantage of travel advice, concierge services, international offerings, auto insurance, or travel medical emergencies and a corkage exemption (customers do not pay for the first bottle of wine in restaurants).

The most used daily card for customers nubank It is in gold setting. However, for customers who travel a lot, platinum is the best option.

nubank ultraviolet card

The UV method is newer than what is available through Nubank. The tool, firstly, has a differentiation in its physical model, being silver in color. In addition, it is this model that offers the most benefits to customers. The most important ones:

  • 1% cash back on credit purchases;
  • 200% return, if value is saved;
  • Extended warranty on purchases;
  • Insurance (price protection, purchase protection, baggage, travel);
  • VIP lounges at airports.
  • The monthly fee is 40% lower than other offers on the market, in both black and premium ways.

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