July 18, 2024

Nuka Corners Christian And Claims Lara TV News

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Nuka Corners Christian And Claims Lara TV News
Nuka Corners Christian And Claims Lara TV News

nuka Marietta Severo will be very suspicious as they get close Christian / Renato (Kawa Raymond) and larra (Andrea Horta) in Om Lugar or Sol, 9:00 PM telenovela by Globo. The chef will arrange a meeting with the boy and ask him to avoid negatively affecting the life of his granddaughter.

number The chapter scheduled to air on Thursday (30), the struggling grandmother, without even imagining that the supposed Renato is actually a Christian, who replaced the twin brother, would be honest and ask him why he offered to help Lara.

“Because I think I owe Lara,” the executive said, nervous. “It was because of me that my brother left his granddaughter waiting at the bus stop. Somehow, I feel the need to be around and offer help.”

However, Noca will explain that the presence of the scammer has already affected her granddaughter’s life a lot and will ask him not to harm her anymore. “Her appearance has moved my granddaughter so much. And she has suffered greatly. Indeed, to be here, standing, and restructuring, has been a long way. Thus, all that comes to help, and the combination, is OK. Accept. Now, all that comes to the subtraction.. . ,” will confirm the veteran.

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Marietta Severo and Koa Raymond

Nuka will face Christian / Renato

place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo It will consist of 107 chapters. The entire plot was taped due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will be broadcast until March 2022, when Globo will show the remake of Pantanal.

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