November 28, 2023

NürnbergMesse Expands Embedded World to America in 2024


NürnbergMesse expands westward with its embedded World’s Fair. The first such event in North America will be held in “Silicon Hills” in Austin, Texas.

The North American edition will be the second international branch of this successful Nuremberg-based fair, following the event’s debut in China, scheduled for June 14-16, 2023.

“Embedded systems are now found in almost all smart devices and form the basis for Industry 4.0,” said Roland Fleck, CEO of the NürnbergMesse Group.

“Therefore, there is a strong demand from abroad for one more international exhibition for this industry and that is what we will make available in the US in 024,” he added.


The concentration of major players in the industry such as AMD, Apple, Dell, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle and Wincor Nixdorf make Austin the perfect destination for the embedded world.

The event will be held October 8-10, 2024 at the Austin Convention Center.

“North America has traditionally played a key role in the growth of the embedded industry, and it continues to innovate,” said Axel Sikora, president of the Embedded World Conference.

“Therefore, we are confident that this exhibition will soon find its place in the global network of integrated society. I am very much looking forward to this pioneering event,” he added.

In a survey of its exhibitors, they expressed interest in participating in an American segment of the event.

“Although there are many events for the electronics industry in the US, the focus is not on embedded systems,” says Benedict Wehrer, executive director of the fair.

The new event will be organized and operated by NürnbergMesse’s North American subsidiary, based in Atlanta.

“We will create an exhibition and conference format that perfectly matches the successful design of our Nuremberg fair,” concludes NürnbergMesse North America Managing Director Bill Inverson.