June 26, 2022
NVIDIA Ampere Mining GPU Starts Selling for $4,300

NVIDIA Ampere Mining GPU Starts Selling for $4,300

The Arab Store contains more than 200 units of the best models

a nvidia he have A series of GPUs aimed at mining cryptocurrency is called CMP HX. calligraphy him Some models offer different hash rate performance. The last household income model, according to the leaks, was Top of the line CMP 170HX on sale for $4300.

Remember this situation where Many video cards arrived in stock from one store in Dubai? Yes, now Another store in the UAE tooAnd Have 230 units of CMP 170HX in stock And three customer reviews add four stars. Someone gave three stars and expressed their displeasure.

“My boards arrived after over two weeks and I’m a bit disappointed. There is no way to overclock or undercut them. One star is less for that and another star is less because they are expensive and have hardly any resale value outside of mining,” says the customer. “There is no secret, if you want a powerful board mining Ethereum at 165 MH/s, this is what you get. Thanks, NVIDIA, I think.”

Another customer also complains about BIOS crashes and the impossibility of overclocking, in addition to The card does not provide any video outputNVIDIA CMP 170HX is still recommended for those who wish to avoid Much higher consumption than GeForce RTX 3090 (more than 350W) and costing 46MH more. No NVIDIA official websiteModel 90HX has a TDP of 320W, which leads us to believe that the 170HX, which has not yet been officially announced, has a higher TDP. However, the website that sells the card describes CMP 170HX com TDP de 250W.

– Continues after announcement –

Second, called a hardware leak Komachi, auction was held by owner of CMP 170HX by Japanese Yahoo. Initial bid is 600,000 yen (approximately 30,000 riyals) equivalent to 5,287 US dollars At the current price, it’s almost a thousand dollars more than what the Arab store charges. The description shows that the product is new but has already been opened. The owner of the card warns of this It doesn’t know if it works or not, as there are no drivers for the model at the moment..

The NVIDIA CMP HX font is a file The Manufacturer’s Attempt to Attract Miners and Leave the GeForce RTX Series to Gamers. The CMP 170HX is equipped with the same chip found on the A100 datacenter accelerator board, the GA100. But GPU mining board has 4,480 koda colors, while offering a server solution 6.912.


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via: Tom’s devices