February 8, 2023

Of all, the sports TV market is the hottest one – Prisma

When it comes to the sports field, in addition to what has already been reported and known, there is much more to come, including transfers and recruitment of talents on open TV, closed channels and broadcast services.

Among the other important sectors, especially journalism and entertainment, is certainly the hottest, in regards to the many jobs that have popped up.

Today, in addition to TV Cultura, SBT, Globo, Record and Band, all with different properties obtained in the traditional system, such as the championships of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Copa do Brasil, Libertadores and Sol Americana, between ESPN and SporTV on Pay TV.

As if that weren’t enough, it also has the services of TNT, Amazon, and LiveMode, and Paramount will join them, in the final stretch of assembling a team for its February launch.

A field of wider opportunities that already animates several thousand professionals working in the most diverse sectors. And this, with the same intensity, must grow more in times to come.


What is noticeable, even in the sports field, is that companies today operate within what can be offered and in a completely different reality.

The era of millionaires’ paychecks, which radio went through for so many years, no longer exists today.

By the way

This is a reality that currently extends to many other sectors.

The values ​​by which television worked, and what was paid in wages even some 20 years ago, are a thing of the past.

last figure

PVC, Paulo Vinícius Coelho, is outside Grupo Globo, so he will no longer participate in SporTV programs or transmissions.

Initially, due to his deal with Paramount, it only lasted until the end of the month, but news leaked before the hour.


Alexandre Oliveira, formerly of Globo, has been scouted and is close to being part of the Paramount project. Fine tuning details.

And Joao Coelho, who used to work for ESPN, will be one of the editors on the team, coordinated by Marcelo Caroleto.

pass the ruler

To close this Paramount talk, Luis Santos, who worked for CNN Brazil, will be in charge of engineering.

And Márcio Moron, ex-Record and ex-Fox, serves as a kind of advisor on the team’s set.

end of story

Filming on “The Hijacking of Flight 375,” directed by Marcos Baldini, which even included a scenic plane installed at Vera Cruz Studios, has finished filming.

The cast includes Tom Morris, Jonas Oliva, Adriano Garib, Danilo Grangia, Jorge Paz, Roberta Galda, Cesar Melo, Juliana Alves, Ariane Botelho, Diego Montez, Wagner Santisteban and Marcelo Eroldi.

More cinema

Filming for “Viva a Vida” by Chris D’Amato, which began in November in Israel, is entering its final phase in Rio.

Rodrigo Simaz and Thati Lopez headline the cast of this comedy, which hits theaters later this year. Then they flock.

is the question

The investigation of the reality show “Hotel dos Famosos” did not proceed to SBT because there was no agreement on where it would be held.

In Argentina, where there is already an entire structure in place, but this would displace and house many people. Or here in Brazil, which takes an even greater amount of work to build and produce everything.

So he said

At this point it is difficult to say if there is any possibility for SBT to implement “Hotel dos Famosos” within the terms presented. There is a deadlock and no new information has emerged in recent days.

However, what is known is that another TV has already expressed interest in entering this circuit.


Warner Bros. Discovery was the most watched international programmer on pay TV in Brazil, in 2022, with a 26% share.

The group, which cemented the merger between Discovery Networks and WarnerMedia, celebrates the highly expressive results of its various channels, between adults and children.


A teaser for the upcoming season of “Reis,” A Conquista, already shows a little of what’s to come, even with plenty of drama. And such components as “jealousy”, “complicity”, “intrigue” and “desires”, highlight the images of Davy’s women, and the hero himself, played by Cirillo Luna.

Recordings are taking place in studios in Rio de Janeiro.


At launch, scheduled for February 1, at 23:30, the series “Quilos Mortais” will return to its programming.

Presented by Celso Zuccatelli.

knock knock

• This month, hundreds of children from public and private schools visited TV Cultura, in São Paulo, in a special program by the Padre Anchieta Foundation …

• … an opportunity to get acquainted with different areas, from reception to press studios and programs, such as “Fifa Kindergarten” …

• …and also the access center – named FLICTS in honor of the writer Ziraldo – in addition to the fashion and make-up sector.

• They say that “2023”, on Rede TV! It should start on Monday…

• … As it is already known and predicted here, there are very important issues that will be discussed in the near future.

• Radio Neto has become one of the main attractions of football broadcasting…

• … In fact, it has now made a difference in the Sao Paulo Championship, with a number of searches to the highest levels.

• In Band sport, Elia Jr. It is one of the most…

• … He is always present and does his duties. Confession does not extend to others.

• On the topic of Band sport, Kalinka Schutel’s behavior as Renata van’s understudy in “The Open Game” is also highly commendable….

• … have a very interesting relationship with the other participants.

• The “BandNews Agro” segment on BandNews TV, whose daily release is at 6:15 am, and the day begins in the second episode, in the afternoon, at 2:45 pm. Presentation by Samantha Pineda.

• The KLB group will also be part of the Xuxa ‘crew’, such as Gloria Groove, Daniela Mercury, Claudia Leitte, Junno Andrade and Sérgio Malandro, among other special guests…

• … The Navio da Xuxa event will take place from 24 to 27 March.