Of Granbyennes soccer tournament, Alexandria

Des Granbyennes au tournoi de soccer d'Alexandria

Soccer, Sarha Dubé eat. For his graduation project, the aim of the bachelor’s degree in physical education and health from the University of Sherbrooke will live to 15 of its protected with a rewarding experience during the week of spring break. In the United States, nothing less.

“Soccer, it is my great passion,” says the Granbyenne 22 years of age, who practice this sport since the age of four years and that dream to be a coach within a sports-studies in this discipline.

In the framework of the course Development project, Sarha was to implement an initiative of its own to put his leadership to the test. It is thus quite naturally that she has thought to register a team of players U-13AA of the Cosmos, a team which it has already been the coach, ” Alexandria soccer kick-off “. “Studies show that girls are moving away from physical activity when they arrive in secondary school,” says the sport, which avecson project, wants to help reverse this trend.

The young woman is also very well placed to understand the benefits of such a trip, she had had a similar experience at the age of 15 years, in Mexico. “I have so loved ! she said. It was a great experience and it has enabled us to develop our self in addition to our team spirit. “

Players will also have the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of recruiters in the u.s., and who knows, open up new doors. “I have one or two girls with a very beautiful talent, and that could certainly be recruited to an american team. In any case, I wish them ! ” launches the student.

Des Granbyennes au tournoi de soccer d'Alexandria

Sarha Dubé is very well placed to understand the benefits of such a trip, she had had a similar experience at the age of 15 years, in Mexico.


Note that the Granbyennes form the first canadian team entered in the tournament.

Team work

As its name indicates, the tournament will be held in the city of Alexandria, in the State of Virginia, from 7 to 10 march next. The 15 players 12 years of age will take part in the adventure, accompanied by the coaches Eddy Santarossa and Jean-Philippe Gagné, the manager Annie Bédard and almost twenty accompanying parents.

Such an expedition does not, however, shouting chisel. Sarha Dubé has been working hard at work since September to make the project a reality. “First it was necessary that I seek approval of my project by the Cosmos Granby “, she says.

The registration of the team in the tournament, the obtaining of necessary permits, costs of travel and accommodation represent a bill of approximately $ 17,000, a sum financed by holding a spaghetti dinner, of days packing in supermarkets and other fundraising activities. A part of the amount has also been advanced by a score of sponsors, so that the girls can now say mission accomplished.

“We really took it to advance, but it is sure that the challenge would have been even greater if I had not had the help of their parents and of many members of the community,” stresses Sarha.

In return, she shall provide a report to his teacher and present orally the findings of his work in the classroom, as well as the achievements that it has learned from its project.

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