March 29, 2023

Official job creation adds up to 83,300 in January, almost half the same month last year | Economy

Workers’ agencies promote joint efforts to find jobs for women – Photo: Geraldo Bubeniac/AEN

The Brazilian economy created 83,300 official jobs in January this year, according to the Ministry of Labor and Employment on Thursday (9).

The result represents a deterioration compared to January last year, when 167.3 thousand official jobs were created. The decrease in this comparison was 50.2%.

Thus, official job creation was about half of what was recorded in the same month in 2022.

Create formal jobs

Results for the last 13 months

Source: Ministry of Labor

In all, according to the federal government, in January of this year the following were recorded:

  • 1.87 million employees;
  • 1.79 million chapters.

And he announced that “in January, despite all these ‘shortcomings’, we have a positive balance in official posts.”

previous years

In January 2020 and 2021, respectively, 112 thousand vacancies and 254.2 thousand official jobs were created.

And so this was the worst January result from New Prisoner taking into account the methodological changes.

  • At the end of January 2023, according to official data, Brazil had a balance of 42.52 million official jobs.
  • The result represents an increase compared to December last year (42.44 million) and January 2022 (40.57 million).


Standardized figures for January 2023 show that formal jobs were created in four of the five sectors of the economy.

jobs by industry

Vacancies opening in January 2023

Source: Ministry of Labor

regions of the country

The data also reveals that vacancies were opened in three of the country’s five regions last month.

jobs by region

Vacancies created in January 2023

Source: Ministry of Labor

average admission salary

The government also reported that the average admission salary was R$2,012.78 in January this year, which is a real increase (minus inflation) compared to December last year (R$1,923.97).

Compared to January 2022, however, there has been a decrease in the average admissions salary. In that month, the value was R$2,021.49.

Imprisoned x Banad

The data taken from the public register of employees and the unemployed are considered workers with an official contract, that is, they do not include informal workers.

As a result, the results cannot be compared to the unemployment figures released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), which were collected through the continuation of the National Household Sample Survey (Pnad).

Arched figures are collected from firms and cover the formally held private sector, while Pnad data is obtained through household surveys and also covers the informal sector of the economy.