Oksana Marchenko left dancing with the stars 2: the declared reason

Оксана Марченко покинула Танці з зірками 2: оголошена причина

Pair Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Chaplin left the project

Scandalous Ukrainian, Oksana Marchenko announced his decision to leave the project dancing with the stars 2018. Find out what the reason of such unexpected turn!

The part of the wife of Viktor Medvedchuk in the show dancing with the stars caused a scandal from the beginning, however, Oksana Marchenko, despite the protest of Ukrainian viewers and a statement by leading TSN, took a dance challenge.

Even more angered Ukrainians, the results show: in 7 editions of the project left several strong pairs, but Oksana Marchenko and her partner Dmitry Chaplin, with frankly low performances and low scores of the judges and remain in the project.

However, the participation of Marchenko Dancing ended unexpectedly: the leading sama announced that he was leaving the project. According to her, this decision is due to a serious injury.

Dear friends, I am leaving the show dancing with the stars – it was a new interesting experience. I thank God for every day. There is only one thing that makes me take this step. While preparing to live, in rehearsal, I broke 2 ribs, – said Oksana Marchenko.

When the presenter said that for a long time hiding my pain from the doctors that they have not forbidden her to dance. “Today I’m not in pain, but because the program is complicated, the doctors fear a relapse, after the tissue is in places the fractures are still quite weak. But I can’t and don’t want to work half-heartedly,” concluded the star.

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The message circulated Oksana Marchenko (@oksana.marchenko.official) Oct 11, 2018 at 1:01 am PDT


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