July 2, 2022
Olimpia vs Fluminense: See where to watch, embezzlement, lineups and judging |  fluminence

Olimpia vs Fluminense: See where to watch, embezzlement, lineups and judging | fluminence

It’s an important encounter! He deserves a place in the Libertadores 2022 group stage! a Fluminense Olympia, of Paraguay, faces Wednesday night for the second match of the third stage of the competition – remember that no longer a goal (scored away from home) qualifies as a tiebreaker. The ball rolls at 21:30 (Brasilia time) in Defenses del Chaco in Paraguay – Click here to continue.

Having lost the first match 3 to 1, the Paraguayan club needs to win by three goals to advance directly or by two goals to take the dispute to a penalty shootout. any tie flowwhich also qualifies in the event of a defeat by goal difference.

If the audience has trouble selling Luiz Henrique off the field, within the four lines FlumininsAnd the He is going through an impressive early season, with a winning streak of 13 games, with 12 wins and one draw. After being 0-0 with Boavista, last Saturday, in a formation without the main parts of the cast, The tricolor goes to the field in full force to face the Olympia.

Paraguayans also don’t have bad times. There are six wins in ten matches, plus three draws and one defeat – specifically for FluminenseWhich decided Olympia’s unbeaten run this season in the first leg. unlike flowthe “King of Hearts”, as he is known, entered the first stage of Pré-Libertadores and already eliminated Universidad César Vallejo from Peru, and in the second stage he passed through the Atlético Nacional from Colombia.

Past: Fluminense The Olympia have encountered each other three times in history. Two in a valid match for the 2013 Libertadores quarter-finals. After a 0-0 draw in Rio de Janeiro, the Paraguayan team advanced in the competition after beating Tricolor 2-1 over Defensores del Chaco. Last Wednesday, Flo beat Nilton Santos 3-1.

Olympia – Coach: Julio Cesar Caceres

In the final match against Cerro Porteno, defender Alcaraz, midfielder Ortiz and strikers Derles Gonzalez and Jorge Ricaldi must return to the main squad. Key guard Alfredo Aguilar, who has recovered from infectious cellulitis in the gluteal region, was off the bench against Cerro and will not start playing against the flu either. Full-backs Evan Torres and Salazar are suspended and lack the squad. They should be replaced by Otálvaro and Mateo Gamarra.

Possible lineup: Olveira, Otálvaro, Salcedo, Alcaraz, Mateo Gamarra; Alejandro Silva, Ortiz, Marcos Gomez, Fernando Cardozo; Derlis Gonzalez and Riccaldi.

Olimpia’s possible lineup against Fluminense – Photo: ge

  • Who is out: Evan Torres and Victor Salazar (suspension)
  • spoon: Alcaraz and Ortiz

Fluminense Coach: Abel Braga

a Fluminense They should go to the field with the same team that beat Paraguay in the first leg. The main suspicion was over Luis Henrique, who sprained his ankle after a difficult entry he received from Ivan Torres, from Olympia himself, last week. But the striker participated normally in training last Tuesday. Fred in turn did not travel with the delegation and remained in training in Rio de Janeiro, still in the transitional phase after a right thigh injury.

Possible lineup: Fabio, Nino, Felipe Melo and David Brazz. Caligari, Andre Iago and Chris Silva; Louise Henrique and Willian Begood and Kano.

Possible lineup for Fluminense against Olympia – Photo: ge

  • Who is out: Fred (thigh), Samuel Xavier (thigh), Luanne Freitas (knee) and JFK (foot)
  • spoon: Caligari and David Prause

Chilean referee Roberto Tobar will officiate the match in Defenses del Chaco – Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

  • Rule: Roberto Tobar (CHI)
  • Helper 1: Christian Schemann (CHI)
  • Helper 2: Claudio Rios (Che)

NB: In the Libertadores, there is only VAR from the round of 16 onwards.