July 15, 2024

Omicron-induced Covid cases start to decline in UK | National Magazine

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Omicron-induced Covid cases start to decline in UK |  National Magazine
Omicron-induced Covid cases start to decline in UK |  National Magazine

The avalanche of new Covid cases caused by the omicron variant begins to fall in United kingdom.

The British government is taking a closer look at the numbers and seeing signs that the peak of the contagion wave is behind us. New Covid cases are decreasing in England.

London’s public health team says the capital is no longer the country’s Covid epicenter. Infection scientist Kevin Fenton explained that the city, perhaps, is no longer at the peak of the Omicron outbreak. But he warned that the critical phase of the epidemic had not yet passed: the level of infections was still very high.

One in ten Londoners is infected. The government knows it’s too early to tell a trend. The English Science Council has warned that end-of-year and back-to-school celebrations may interfere with the data. right Now It is a fact that the number of deaths is much lower compared to January 2021. More than 80% of Britons have completed the vaccination.

Speaking truthfully, the health minister said: “The next few weeks are going to be difficult. Even if infections go down, it takes almost two weeks for it to have an impact on hospitals.” Since February 2021, United kingdom I haven’t seen a lot of hospitals, mostly old people.

The NHS – the British equivalent of SUS – has warned that it will likely face real stress for at least the next two, three or more weeks. The British government even closed contracts with private hospitals to receive patients from the public order for a period of three months. Up to 20% of hospitals have had to cancel routine procedures and see emergencies on the rise.

The head of the health system explained, Friday (7), that A micron means more patients and less treatment difference. The latest data from the British government shows that more than 35,000 health professionals have been out of work for a week due to Covid-19.. The situation continues to overwhelm hospitals. So much so that the military is sending doctors and nurses to help.

But the CEO of the Association of Hospital Directors believes the front lines will continue. Chris Hobson said vaccines are working and most partners are betting hospital admissions will start to decline, too.

The British Prime Minister believes he can handle the new wave without further restrictions. Boris Johnson is even considering reducing the isolation period for infected people from 7 to 5 days. But he made it clear that he would follow the advice of the Scientific Council.

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