December 3, 2023
On CNN, journalist cuts off microphone when defending Roberto Jefferson

On CNN, journalist cuts off microphone when defending Roberto Jefferson

during the CNN Prime Time This Monday (24), Marcio Gomez The microphone of the journalist who was participating in the program was cut because he was motivated Roberto Jeffersona political supporter of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) who was arrested last Sunday (23), after shooting Federal Police officers serving a court order to return him to prison.

The commentator in question is Fernão Lara Mesquita, the former manager of Estadão, who did not allow his colleague to finish the conversation. When trying to defend the imprisoned politician. Marcio Gomez saw no alternative but to request that the guest’s microphone be cut off so that commentator Iori Beta could finish his thoughts on the matter.

“Take a fine for every minute because he spoke of any data from Lula’s real biography. He can only talk about a fake biography, and the real biography cannot mention it. He is a friend and there are men that he is an enemy. The Minister of the Federal Supreme Court announces this every day,” he said.

“Let’s let Yuri finish the first part…” Marcio asked. He continued, “For friends, it’s just a pat on the cheek, and enemies he tells them to pay. So it’s like that, old man.”

Marcio Gomez loses patience on CNN

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After that, Iori Beta tried to start his speech, but remained silent, waiting for Fernau to finish. “Just wait for Fernau to finish…” said Yuri who appeared on the screen. After notifying the guest that the guest has already completed, A colleague of Marcio gave his opinion on the arrest of Roberto Jefferson.

“Finally, I have the following question: Even in the case of the Supreme Court, there is a way to appeal to the Supreme Court itself, and again, Roberto Jefferson has remained with these precautions after having done so much and so much… a job…,” Iori commented, before Fernau interrupts her again.

“He was arrested ten times before he committed the crime…” said the guest, and did not let Yuri speak. It was then that Marcio Gomez, visibly annoyed, asked to cut Fernau’s microphone off. “Fernau, sorry. Farnau, Fernau, Fernau, we’ll cut off the microphone then and just let Yuri talk until it’s over,” he asked.

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