February 5, 2023
On the eve of the strike, 700 central bank commissioners leave their posts, Campos Neto takes a short vacation

On the eve of the strike, 700 central bank commissioners leave their posts, Campos Neto takes a short vacation

The National Union of Central Bank Employees (SENAL) reported that 700 employees of the agency who hold a delegated position have already left the position due to the transition of the job restructuring category and the reassignment of salaries by 26.3%.

According to the union, there are 1,000 commissioning jobs in the Central Bank, out of a total of 3,500 civil servants. Category announced An indefinite strike begins on Friday, April 1st.

However, waivers have not been published in The official diary of the union. According to the head of Sinal, Fabio Fayyad, the BC was blocking orders.

“Starting tomorrow, everyone will announce their strike. So, either the bank will shut down, or the assigned workers will remain unemployed, because they will not be doing the work,” says Fayyad.

In a note, the President of Sinal still regrets that the President of British Columbia, Roberto Campos Neto, decided to take a leave of absence at this time. According to the Official Gazette, British Columbia’s Director of Regulation, Ottavio Damaso, will replace Campos Neto from Thursday (31) to April 4.

“Unfortunately, at this very important time, the President of British Columbia has traveled to Miami on vacation, and this does not help us find a solution to the crisis!” Fayyad points out.

Last Tuesday, 29, the president of BC met with the unions of maids of the authority. There was no presentation of the proposal, but Fayyad said Campos Neto said he would try to propose an amendment to the category at a ministerial meeting next week.

In this Thursday note, Senal stated that there was “no chance of undoing” the strike and emphasized that the movement could affect Pix’s business, Fox News Publishing and “various financial rates”, open market operations, among others.

Fayyad notes that the strike by BC servers will be carried out in accordance with the Basic Services Act, but states that Pix and other BC activities are not within the scope of this law.

“Therefore, the strike may partially disrupt the PIX and the distribution of coins and banknotes. It may partially or completely interrupt the publication of the Focus Bulletin and various fees, the monitoring and maintenance of the Brazilian Payment System (SPB), the Demab dealing desk, customer service and other activities.”

the other side

In a note sent to the press, the Monetary Authority said it recognizes the right of civil servants to promote organized demonstrations and trusts the workers’ historical dedication, quality and responsibility.

According to the British Coordination Committee, contingency plans have been put in place to “maintain the functioning of the population’s vital systems, markets and operations of regulated institutions, such as STR, Pix, Selic and others,” according to an extract from the statement.

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