On the French side, the lift will wait one more year

Dôle-TuffesDes further studies are delaying the modernisation works that were scheduled to start this week on the franco-swiss.

Côté français, les télésièges attendront encore une année

The massif des Tuffes (F), we can create a chair-lift link, with la Dôle in recovering the equipment replaced the chair lift from Jouvenceaux.

In France also, we are wondering whether the ski resorts of the mid-altitude still have a future with the global warming. As the revealed the newspaper “The Coast”, the resort of les Rousses will not be able to start this week, as it was expected, the construction of the domain Dôle-Tuffes, or replacing the chair-lift from Jouvenceaux and the creation of another to link the fields of switzerland and france.

The european authorities, who pay particular, the Interreg funds, have requested a study on the economic impact of these facilities and the services of the environment additional information on this project, which also includes the development of a new red track and an area for the boardercross.

According to François Godin, president of the mixed Union of tourism development of the resort of les Rousses, this one-year delay should not put into question the funding of 10.5 million euros allocated to this project from the French side. Because it is first and foremost to modernise and optimise this area of the swiss-French, and not to create a huge new infrastructure.

The work will probably be carried out at the same time as those planned on the swiss side, since the regional Council of the district of Nyon should realize, in the summer of 2019, its share of equipment, is a parking and a home to Dappes. An architectural competition has been launched and the announcement of winner will take place next September.


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