December 2, 2023
On the verge of death, Abumani bleeds into Jose's arms and makes his last wish TV News

On the verge of death, Abumani bleeds into Jose’s arms and makes his last wish TV News

Jose (Giuliano Laham) will spare no effort to save the life of Abumani (Dodo de Oliveira) when he finds him on the verge of death in origin. “You will be fine,” the Hebrew will promise, before hearing one last request from his friend. “Stop trying to lie. You’re not good at it,” added the warrior, as he lost consciousness at the biblical Opera Record.

The servant of Pentephres (Nando Cunha) will have the worst of it when crossing the Teruel Road (Amaurih Oliveira) through the streets of Avaris. He will meet the ex-military man at night, when most Egyptians lock themselves in their homes Apophis and his demons are afraid of the snake.

“This has nothing to do with you. Let me go,” the disgraced fugitive will ask After Potiphar (Val Perret) caught him in the bed of Neferiades (Dandara Albuquerque). “It’s the day I deal with even you. It was done to merge da Asenate [Letícia Almeida]And For giving me that beating and for being an unbearable person, ‘cuxita will snipe.

“I didn’t want it, but since you insist,” Teruel will shoot when he takes the sword from its scabbard in the scenes to be shown from the next day (25)In soap operas by Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raffaella Castro.

Then, Dudu de Oliveira character will reach home Joseph Completely bruised and a dagger hanging below his stomach. He would only have the strength to scream for help before he fell and left a pool of blood on the ground. “Who did this to you?” Governor General of Egypt.

Joseph (Giuliano Lahham) in Genesis

Apomani can barely handle a few words. “Call the doctor! Bring the dress and water” son Israel (Petronio Juntigo). “Look at me! Don’t close your eyes. It’s okay. You’ll be fine,” he’ll console The role of the protagonist Giuliano Lahham.

“Stop trying to lie. You’re not good at this,” he’ll explode, just a few seconds before he faints for good. “No. Someone’s quick! Where’s the doctor?” screams Jose, who will race against time to save the life of his best friend.

Genesis is a free modification of the first book of the Bible. The series is divided into seven stages, and currently, it displays the seventh record: José do Império. In addition to spoilers, the the news Spread Synopsis of the biblical novel.

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