One person was killed in a helicopter crash in the ocean off Rio de Janeiro

Near the coast of Rio de Janeiro crashed into the ocean a helicopter carrying people on Board. In the accident one person was killed.

Один человек погиб при падении вертолета в океан у Рио-де-Жанейро

As told rescue workers of Brazil, Just the helicopter was carrying four people, three were hospitalized, one died. For the other threats to their life there. About the cause of the accident is yet unknown, the plane was carrying passengers in one of the districts of Rio de Janeiro.
Prior to that, in Brazil, there was another similar incident. A helicopter carrying the bride, was wrecked, with the result that slightly injured three people. The air car turned in the air and collapsed on the surface of the earth before landing, then caught fire. The bride was not injured in the fall and was able to have my wedding.


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