March 26, 2023

Only a genius solves the mystery of numbers

Do you agree that this kind of tricky prank is a fun way to train your brain to increase your math IQ? Today’s challenge is quite complicated for those who are not good at numbers, but it’s worth a try! Can you solve mystery athletic? Try and share with the class!

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Only people with a higher IQ can figure out the answer to this riddle that has driven so many people crazy. The goal is to help you discover new ways of thinking, to go beyond the basics and to truly challenge yourself. It’s time to really exercise your brain.

Math puzzle

to solve a problem the challenge In mathematics, you need to show very good logical thinking. You have to be quick and accurate in order not to waste time or make a mistake, as you will be back to square one.

A joke attracts many people precisely because it is an opportunity to exercise one’s mind and to suggest it is an escape from imitation. Even humans love it, but it’s really hard! The trick is the transmission Exam To more friends and see who can find out the answer in the least possible time. It’s not worth checking the “truth” on the scale, is it?

Be honest and take the whole test to assess your Mathematical IQ. are you ready?

it is time! Look at the picture below and say: What is the missing number here?

It’s pure math and a lot of calculation, but with doses of grace and Logical thinking. Share the game with more friends so you can help each other out with challenges like these.

Do you already know what the missing number is?

Did you manage to solve the puzzle? It was really hard, wasn’t it? Many netizens struggle and spend hours trying to point out the most logical answer, but not everyone reaches it.

In case you are in doubt if you have found the right answer and if you really know how to identify the missing number in pictureCheck out the full calculation below to find out once and for all if you got it right.

The logic to find the result is:

13-10 = 3
17-13 = 4
22 – 17 = 5
2 – 22 = 6

So the result is:

28 + 7 = 35