September 26, 2023
"Only those fools don't see" · TV News

“Only those fools don’t see” · TV News

Delete from BBB 22Bronna Gonsalves says so Arthur Agyar Influences the other participants of the Globo reality show. The dancer accused the actor of using the strategy of setting himself as the main target of the house in order to survive in the game. Shot “only those fools do not see.”

Ludmilla’s wife participated in the Bate-Papo BBB, led by Rafa Kaliman on Globoplay, in the early hours of Wednesday (23), After leaving the program with 76.18% of the vote.

During the conversation, Bruna analyzed Arthur’s game and said that the brother usually approaches people who have some strength, using for example the case of Lucas Bisoli, the leader of the week.

“It affects everyone. Only those idiots don’t see it. It’s not strength, he feels threatened all the time, it’s his strategy, I don’t judge. But if you’re the leader and he feels threatened, he approaches you and tries to get rid of him. The end goal is just to get rid of him.” It affects a lot,” he famously said.

However, Bruna made it clear that she is unable to criticize the game of Myra Cardi’s husband, because he is still in prison in search of a prize of 1.5 million Brazilian reais: “No [acho que está errado]It’s a strategy that I think is wrong, but it does.”

Fear of cancellation

On another part of Bate-Papo, Brunna assumed she acted like a factory on Big Brother Brasil 22, because she feared it would be canceled by the reality audience.

“I was so afraid of what people might think of me or about some of my situations that could make me lose everything I’ve ever built. It’s learning from mistakes, but in my life here I am,” the ex-sister explained

“When I record stories, I memorize them, I keep watching them a thousand times, and if I see something that someone might misunderstand, I don’t publish it. Lyudmila’s wife.

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