July 22, 2024

Oppo announces ‘next generation’ under-view selfie camera

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Oppo has announced a recent redesign of its under-screen camera technology, which says it allows you to place a selfie camera under the hood “without compromising the integrity of the screen”. Unlike previous approaches, it uses smaller pixels to maintain the same 400-ppi sharpness of the Oppo OLED panel, reducing the pixel density on the screen area and allowing light to pass through the camera.

As a result, according to Oppo, users “make almost no difference [under-screen camera] Partial and the rest of the screen during everyday use, creates a very high-speed visual experience. The company has shown a picture of a prototype phone running an e-reader processor, which is in the worst condition for cameras under the previous display due to the white background and sharp text.

In terms of camera quality, here is a sample image provided by Oppo:

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. However, this is considerably better than what you get from the first under-display camera that came on the market. ZTE’s Action 20 5G.

ZTE already has one of the Oppo by sending a phone, and more Its latest action 30 Technology also needs to improve. The ZTE screen has the same 400-ppi density in the camera area and demands better camera quality than the Action 20.

Oppo has been working on cameras that have not been shown for a long time The world’s first demo at MWC Shanghai in 2019, But at some point it will have to put one on a real trading device. For now, it’s hard to say much about technological advances without seeing firsthand a prototype for us.

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